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17-Dec-2017 19:39

It's a lot of hard work." ~ Jeff Gordon Former devoted Robby fan: "I don't think I can love him like I used to anymore!

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Snapped @ Lowe's Motor Speedway (at right, photo: nn52) as well as @ NHMS with her son in tow--just to name two.He is not married and does not have a wife at this moment but he has managed to keep his personal life very low profile.

Eine ganze Sammlung von Noten vor allem fr Tasteninstrumente findet sich unter … continue reading »

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Back at Broke Jaw, Nick continues debating on leaving with Luciana, but eventually decides to remain; Luciana later leaves. Elsewhere, Strand leads Daniel to the hotel, but upon discovering Ofelia was not present, Daniel abandons Strand, leaving him to the mercy of the undead.… continue reading »

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On peut bien anime votre fete et livre la Magie - je peux vous garantir tout le monde sera etonne de cette nouvelle Cabine Photo!… continue reading »

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Imagine working in a regular office job and one day just being asked to passionately kiss the guy working on the computer next to you! I was just watching the Pete/Jacob meeting this morning, and for the first time realised Pete was wearing a really bad camo shirt in an attempt to look "military". Gotta love the wardrobe department, even they knew he was lame. Also at the bottom of the list is "Pete Shanahan - Fictional Character" and guess whose picture is attached to that one? SG-1/Jack and Sam/If You Tell Me To_zps94ff575( SG-1/Jack and Sam/If You Tell Me To_zps94ff575html)Very rough, preliminary sketch for a digital painting I'm working on in time for ship day As I say very rough preliminary. Still trying to decide if her hair should be up or down too - last time we say her it was pinned up. :p I just liked the page and wrote "Pity like for spud" on there. I find it so funny the page owner used the pic of him looking sad just after he'd been dumped. ) writer thought it would be fun to have Caldwell making moon eyes at Sam!!! but who could blame the guy when working with amanda. … continue reading »

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