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Maintain attribution Thc Googlc "watcrniark" you scc on cach lilc is csscntial for inforiiiiiig pcoplc about this projcct and hclping thcm lind additional mat L-rials ihrough Googk' ISook Scarch. Do not assumc that just bccausc wc bclicvc a bi Kk is in thc public domain for uscrs in thc Unitcd Statcs. that thc work is also in thc public domain for uscrs in othcr L'ounlri L's. Krapf, who wiahes to convert the world to God." ▼iii PREFACE. ; ku bcba muana, to carry a cliild on the back in a cloth.

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When I arrived at the island of Mombas, where I was received very courteously by the authorities, the opinion I had formed was confirmed by what was told me of the Wanika who inhabit the surrounding hills on the main land. Copyrighl iiilriiigciiiciil liability can bc quitc scvcrc. (ya), niumba ya mali, a store wit Jt a nltop and warehome ; niumba ya ku tia nafaka, a granary. About Google Book Search Googlc's niission is lo organizc thc world's information and to makc it univcrsally acccssiblc and uscl'ul. KRAPF Afl SSIONARY OF TIIE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY IN EAST AFRICA WITH INTRODUCTION Containino an ©utline ot a Suabili Grammar LONDON TRUBNER AND CO., LUDGATE HILL 1882 [All righis reserved.\ l INTRODUCTION. At any rate here is now something, where nothing existed at all. Krapf not have been prolonged to the close of last year, the public would not have had the invaluable aid of his long experience in acquiring a knowledgc of the word-stores of the language. It may be interesling to the student of Kisuahili to learn by what steps and under what circumstances this language, which is now taking its place among those which are written and printed, first emerged from the class of unknown and illiterate tongues.

Robebt Cust, Honorary Sccretary of Royal Asiatic Society, and Membor of the Committco B of Church Miiwonary Society and British and Foreign Bible Societies. In November of the year 1843, when the Mission in Abyssinia, with which I was connected, had been reluctantly abandoned, a vague report, concerning the Galla tribes inhabiting the equatorial region of Africa, which I heard while in Aden, determined me to sail directly in an Arab vessel along the coast in order to find them. In Arabic j W (bazi or bazin) (accipitris species falco), a kind ofvulture (orfalconfor hunting).

Gougle This is adigital copy of a bi K)k ihal was prcscrvcd for g L'ii L'ralions on library s Iil'Ivl's bclbrc il was c^Lr L'l li IIv sclliiiil-l I by Googlc as parl of a projccl to makc thc world's books discovcrablc onlinc.

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