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Thanks for all the support, thoughts, and prayers; they're clearly working!Thanks to those who have checked in on me to see how I was doing - your concern and friendship is truly appreciated.For anyone doing chemo treatment, don't fight/'tough out' the fevers, the sick, etc - get to the hospital if you hit the marks your onc tells you about. I did 8 rounds of R-Hyper CVAD, had multiple transfusions, took a number of trips to the Emergency room for fevers, etc.Many thanks, John Apologies to those following the blog for my delayed entry. but I did it - with the help of friends and family, and nurses and doctors. I also know there are many that have had a harder time at it, and that have relapsed and are working very hard to beat this; and for those friends, I pray for your remission.Update on several friends fighting MCL right now: - Jim is doing well.He is seeing Dr Goy in June, and we pray for his continued good health. Thoughts and prayers to other friends/family fighting various forms of cancer. This was the first visit without scans prior (CT, PETs were dropped a while ago), and I'm fine with that, as less 'stuff' going through me is probably good, and no need to incur the expense if there's no 'need'.It's also good for us to hear from him what he's been up to, how many MCL patients he's seen, etc.

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He noted that first came her date of birth And spoke the following date with tears, But he said what mattered most of all Was the dash between those years. I started this post by copy/pasting the prior post, so that's a good thing! No scans prior to the visit; and as noted, I'm fine with that, as less 'stuff' going through me is probably good, and no need to incur the expense if there's no 'need'.My appointment with Dr Goy was in May, but procrastination and life got in the way of this post! So, the visit with Dr Goy is a fairly quick laying of hands, check lymph notes, heart/lungs/etc, and he inquires about health, etc.For Greg, he leaves behind a wife, a daughter entering college next year, and a son going into junior year of high school. I really hope that anyone that has MCL, and that looks to this blog, can find hope and a positive outlook for fighting this.

His passing shocked the heck out of me, as he cruised through R-Hyper CVAD, but his Auto SCT hit him hard. I'm now 8 years out, and that's from Stage 4B diagnosis!

So, when your eulogy's being read With your life's actions to rehash...

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