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Reply Being that I lived in media pages area for yrs and now visiting Florida I was so excited to find a Wawa here went for coffee which is still awesome but ordered 2 cheese steak sandwiches sorry totally gross not the Wawa I know quality I would be ashamed to say these were Wawa cheese steaks so disappointed Reply Dear wawa I have a 19 month old great nephew Henry who is in love with wawa he won’t drink any other milk.

When his mother gives him another brand he cries real tears and wants wawa milk.

Every time I order a sandwich I get less and less meat. It has 2 pieces of provolone cheese and probably 3 pieces of ham the rest mostly lettuce.

There were 2 pieces of pickle per half of sandwich. Thank you Arlene Tuohey Reply I cannot understand where all the compassion has gone in the world.

They line up along the curbs and you can even negotiate in the lot. While I understand they are customers too, they can’t all be there at one time. Speaking with other customers we are to the point where we’ll just have to go elsewhere.

Even your vendors cannot get in the lot and complain as well. It’s to the point where your gas sales to this company are costing you regular customers.

We felt there was no compassion on her part ,there was no words like “I wish him well” or “How is he doing” she just stated she cannot accept the flyer or anything that is not corporate sponsored and for us to “drive safe” Even though she(the general manager) could not support the flyer, she could of at least wish our grandson well!

They somehow managed to find a manager who is like a ticking time bomb.

He is constantly kicking and hitting things in the store in front of client view.

Reply Your location in Bradenton, Florida, at the corner of 41 & 64, is constantly in need of a cleanup.

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Wrappers and containers of all sorts are always littering the parking lot, sidewalks, and roadways. You can call me 757-620-XXXX Reply The parking and access to the store at 132 Oxford Valley Rd is completely out of control.Perhaps some of your personnel should be assigned some time each day to do some cleanup of the area. Reply At your store in Hampton, Virginia at the intersection of Mercury Blvd and Jefferson Avenue there are loiterers that stand out side of both the front and rear entrances all the time constantly asking customers for money. Every weekday morning there are up to 15-20 EA HOLDING vans getting gas and illegally parking throughout the facility to the point where you cannot get in or out of the lot.