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Upon his release from prison, Hitler revitalized the Nazi party.

In German politics, the Nazis never had a majority in the government. Then in 1929, history intervened with economic turmoil of the Great Depression.

And he achieved all this completely legally through the system.

Hitler immediately set out to do as promised: He got Germany back on its feet economically, and got the nations of the world to absolve all debt from World War I.

Paul von Hindenburg was the president of Germany, a World War I general whom everyone loved. Under his special powers, the president could dissolve the parliament and appoint a chancellor.

The chancellor’s job was to prepare Germany for a new election.

The book outlined his fanatical hatred for the Jews.

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The country devolved into complete chaos, with food riots and pitched battles in the streets every night.The "Beer Hall Putsch" was their attempted coup of Munich; it failed, leaving 16 Nazis and three German policemen dead. He was given a light sentence of five years, and spent only nine months in prison.

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