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In confusion, Data requests for the woman to repeat her message, in which she states that a huge 'blowout' is about to occur.

Many other crew on the Tsiolkovsky begin laughing before a large explosive sound is heard followed by silence. Data responds stating that the crew had just opened an emergency hatch.

On the Tsiolkovsky, the ship is on red alert as the away team spreads out to investigate the ship.

The corridors are quiet, but are littered with discarded items and food. Data states that the mess in the corridor indicates a "wild party", to which Riker agrees.

She checks the reading of one of her latest scans and then proceeds to her office and compares her readings with ones on her viewer.

Meanwhile, La Forge sits up in his bed, removes his combadge and quietly leaves sickbay unnoticed.

Scanning Data, she notes how perfect his overall condition is, stating that she would write him up in a Starfleet Medical textbook.

Data responds to her praise by stating that he already is in many bio-mechanic texts.

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As they leave, Worf reports to Picard that there are no life signs on board the ship.They approach a distorted screen which Riker makes out as the bridge.Data successfuly repairs the screen to clear the static, to which they see the bridge is empty of all loose items, and people; and is open to space; the emergency hatch was indeed blown.Riker comments that he possibly was in a dry way, and inquires about the time it would take for the search. Data, however, continues the conversation about him by saying that Crusher may look him up in the texts he mentioned.

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Back in sickbay, Crusher continues her tests on La Forge, who is still lying on the main bio-bed.Those in the room are surprised by La Forge's response, with even Riker noting that it didn't sound like him. She notifies him that she is confining La Forge to sickbay until further notice, as she couldn't determine what the problem was, if any.

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