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My reasons were many: I didn't have the courage to stand up to the questioning of my friends and family.I didn't have the courage to be a "model Jew" and have all of my actions judged, because I was wearing a kippah. I thought about sprinting home so people could only see a cat-like figure rushing by them which wouldn't give them time to make out my head covering.I am not sure if that was from hearing the news or because the elevator came to an abrupt landing on the 45th floor.I exited cautiously and looked both ways as if I was going to set off the "kippah alert alarm." I turned to the man in the elevator and thanked him for the advice.That meant that after shul I couldn't put my kippah in my pocket! During that walk home, I must have looked like an escaped mental patient with a serious case of paranoia. But when I applied to summer internships at law firms in Vancouver I didn't wear my kippah to the interviews. But I discovered there were problems with not wearing a kippah at work.When someone walked by me I would think to myself, "What are you looking at? Since my co-workers had no reason to think that I was different, my first day at the firm, they took me out for lunch to a restaurant called "The Spotted Prawn." While all of my co-workers ordered various shellfish dishes forbidden to me, I wanted to ask if the chef could make me a special dish -- like, perhaps, roasted water with a side dish of sliced water seasoned in water."The Jews of Spain"), are a Jewish ethnic division whose ethnogenesis and emergence as a distinct community of Jews coalesced during the early Middle Ages on the Iberian Peninsula.

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I got into the elevator, which was to take me to the 45th floor, a little nervous about the kippah thing but forging on courageously.Some of the lawyers told me, without me asking, that I would have no problem observing Shabbat at this firm, even in the winter months when Shabbat begins early.